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Position: Academic Assistant 2016-12-17


Position: Academic Assistant

Responsibilities: 1. Assist the Academic Services Department on general affairs and auxiliary work ,draft documents on different meetings.

2. Cooperate with the Department to prepare different meetings, forums and research issues.

3. Compile materials on different activities and conference.

4. Deal with receptions of domestic and foreign scholars.

5. Complete and report the completion of tasks assigned by the department timely.

Qualifications: 1.Work patiently and carefully with strong ability of comprehension.

2.Good-looking with affinity, and can handle outreach issues independently.

3.Bachelor degree or above; CECT4 or above.

4.No requirement for major.

5.Familiar all the office software which is commonly used , and priority will be given to those who are good at Copy and typesetting.

6.Priority will also be given to those who are fluent in English speaking and be of great communication skills.

Position: Research Assistant 2016-12-17


Position: Research Assistant

Responsibilities: 1.Able to complete the related research work independently.Writing research reports on related issues and industries , policy analysis reports and regional economic development analysis, etc.

2.Participate in enterprise research activities, complete the researches on relevant projects and report writing.

3.Participate in the relevant profession and cooperate with professional field experts and research institutions, make the joint research and development issues with them.

Qualifications: 1.Master degree or above, major in economics or related.

2.Focus on policies on related professions and have the strong sensitivity on economic information.

3.Be of solid researching and studying skills , read Chinese and English data expertly and comprehend by analogy.

4.Familiar with modern research methods and tools, be able to and has strong interest on profession research , have a strong spirit on researching.

5.Have professional writing skills, communication and cooperation ability and the spirit of teamwork.

6.Fluent in English speaking and be of great communication skills.


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