Pangoal Institution is a comprehensive think tank rooted in China with a global vision. The name “Pangoal” was derived from Pan Gu, a prominent giant figure in the ancient Chinese mythology who is believed to be the creator of heaven and earth. As such, Pangoal symbolizes the spirit of daring to be a prime mover and signifying the concepts of innovation and persistence. This institution aims to pave the way for world peace, prosperity, and development through its own talent and resourcefulness.

Since its establishment, Pangoal Institution has always adhered to the philosophy of“Pursuing harmony between nature and humankind, and applying knowledge for public policy solutions"in the Chinese culture and political tradition. The statement “pursuing harmony between nature and humankind” implies that Pangoal Institution has a global vision for its research, and the rationale “applying knowledge for public policy solutionss” entails that such institute prioritizes practice and provides independently thought products and services, thereby benefiting China and its people.

In China, the research of Pangoal Institution provides the central government, local governments, and various companies with numerous forward-looking decision-making consultations in the fields of macro-economy, finance, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In the international field, through strong and professional expert teams and good relations with the diplomatic decision makers of China, the institution provides research and consultation services and exerts influence in such fields of diplomatic policies as One Belt and One Road, region and country. In the new era, the research of Pangoal Institution focuses on comprehensive challenges in global governance fields such as environment, disease, terrorism, economy, and finance of the international community. The institution also bears the global responsibilities of think tanks to contribute to world peace, prosperity, and development.

As an open and inclusive thought platform, Pangoal Institution welcomes all elites and friends to jointly work with resilience in the great time for China’s increasing rise, to serve as the explorers and trailblazers for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and to work together to safeguard the civilized society.

President of Pangoal Institution: Yi Peng

January 11, 2016

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