Founded in 2013, the Pangoal Institution is a China-based public policy think tank that is joined by prominent scholars and senior practitioners from China and elsewhere. Pangoal Institution is a Chinese Council Member of the BRICS Think Tank,  as well as a Council Member of the Silk Road Think Tank Association both led by the International Department of the CC CPC. After three years of development, the Pangoal Institution has already established itself as one of the most influential think tanks in China and is ranked among 2016 Best Think Tanks in Asia (ranked No. 57) by University of Pennsylvania’s Global Go To Think Tank Index Report.

Practicing the philosophy of “pursuing harmony between nature and humankind, and applying knowledge for public policy solutions,” the Pangoal Institution devotes itself to China’s modernization process and, through top quality research, aims to partake of the China Dream and the establishment of the community of shared destiny of humankind.

The Pangoal Institution focuses on the following areas of research: global governance, the Belt and Road Initiative,innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as macroeconomics and finance. The Pangoal Institution takes the lead in establishing the Global Governance Think Tank Network (GGTN) that has been joined by around 20 leading think tanks from China, the United States, Germany, Canada, Italy, India, Singapore, and other countries. Through cutting-edge academic research and policy analysis in the field of global governance, the GGTN aims at providing forward-looking, common solutions for addressing the present and future global challenges, promoting the reform of global governance mechanisms, and contributing to the lasting peace, prosperity and development of the world.

The Pangoal Institution pools the wisdom of more than 200 prestigious scholars and professionals from government, think tanks and the business community both at home and abroad as senior advisors, academiccommittee members, senior fellows, and fellows.

Headquartered at the foot of the scenic Xiangshan Mount in Beijing, the Pangoal Institution currently has more than 50 full-time researchers and staffs. It also has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Changsha, and other cities in China.

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