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How Can Chinese Enterprises Invest in India under the New Situation?
Date:Aug 22, 2017

In the afternoon of August 22th, India Studies Center of the Pangoal Institution and Knowledge & Action Institution co-organized the first salon---“ The Practical Guide to Chinese Enterprises’ Investment in India under the New Situation” , which was held in Pu Tao Yuan No.1. The speaker is Li Qin, consultant of China affairs department of Link Legal, which is a well-known Indian law firm.

The moderator is executive director of Indian Studies Center of the Pangoal Institution Li Lingfei. The president of the Pangoal Institution Yi Peng and A large number of friends from the business and media circles attended the salon.

Over the past few years, Mr. Li and his team helped hundreds of Chinese enterprises in different enterprises invest in India. Many of the projects are the first in the history of investment in China and India. The preface of his book a Practical Guide to Indian Investment was written by former Indian Ambassador to China Ashok K. Kantha. General manager of BYD India company and General manager of India Tata Group China wrote recommended language for it.

Mr. Li analyzed how Chinese enterprises avoid the past mistakes, correct understanding of Indian market and economy and bitterly invest in India. With practice perspective, he illustrated from four aspects: cognitive differences, the past misunderstandings of Chinese enterprises invested in India 

Mr. Li held that China's investment in India has been dominated by industrial capital in the past, such as greenfield investment (new projects) or the acquisition of India enterprises, or joint ventures. But after 2015, China's new impetus for Indian investment has emerged, that is, financial capital drives industrial capital to acquire India enterprises. When it comes to misunderstanding of bilateral economic cooperation, Mr. Li warned not to judge investment by trade experience and prejudice against Indians. No country will easily discriminate against foreign investment, especially in the rising India. Mr. Li also stressed that bilateral Awareness Gap is the biggest problem between China and India.

Prsident Yi Peng commented, there is a lack of mutual trust between China and India and it is easy to demonize each other. But China should pay more attention to the good side of India. In addition, the investment of Chinese enterprises in India can not be impatient. India has such a big market, but this cake is not so easy to eat. But twenty or thirty years later, if it's done well enough, China's new generation of multinationals and global companies may emerge in India.

One of the questions that the audience is most concerned about in the question is whether the Indian government will have any restrictions on China's economy and trade in the context of the ongoing Doklam standoff. Mr. Li is more optimistic. He believes that economic and politics are two different things. Indian people need the country to support economic development to accomplish a better life in India. Domestic enterprises are still happy to carry out exchanges and cooperation with Chinese enterprises, and close economic and trade relations is conducive to the improvement of relations between the two countries.

Link Legal is a well-known Indian law firm headquartered in New Delhi, with branch offices in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. The law firm runs in India and has the qualification to appear in the Supreme Court. It has been rated by authoritative legal rating agencies in business, project engineering and infrastructure, banking and finance, dispute settlement and many other fields.

As the initiating unit and secretariat unit of Kun Peng New Regional and Industrial Development Alliance, Knowledge & Action Institution is a new type of think tank that helps local government and large and medium-sized enterprises find new opportunities. It mainly provides a full range of intellectual and resource support for regional economic and industrial development, large and medium-sized enterprises "going global" and top-level strategies.


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