The year 2017 is coming to an end. 2018 is approaching. At this turn of the year, we wish you a happy New Year and the best of everything!

The human life span is approximately 100 years. Because of this, people tend to view the world and chart their future in five-, ten-, or even fifteen-year segments. At which stage of life were you during 2017? Are you satisfied with what you have achieved? Are you looking forward to what lies ahead? Whatever your circumstances, we wish you a rewarding, joyous new year, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support along the way.

Each of our individual stories is embedded in the larger context of our times. No one can detach from the wax and wane of the times. Good times benefit all of us. In such a time, though people’s sense of gain may vary, no one is left behind.

Based on what we have achieved in the first five years since the beginning of the new era, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China drew up a two-stage development plan for the period from 2020 to 2050, charting the way forward for the country and the people.

In our opinion, it is part and parcel of the plan to promote social fairness and justice and make sure that developmental progress is shared by all people. Therefore, we wish to work with you towards maintaining this direction and promoting the development of society and economic growth. Together we will promote modern governance and foster a vibrant civil society for China as a major global power.

2018 will mark the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Pangoal Institution. As an advisory body built on crowd-funding, we have gone through bumpy roads. Without your support, we could not have possibly become one of the most influential think tanks in China in such a short period of time.

We would like to share with you the most important thing we’ve learned in the past year. That is to work hard to lead the trends of the times. For instance, when most people were unsure in regards to the trends in macro policy adjustments, we endeavored to provide intellectual support for the sustainable development of provinces, cities, and towns; for we believed that, whatever the policy, it has to focus on improving people’s livelihoods.

When the China-Korea relationship and the China-India relationship encountered problems, we leveraged our strengths as a non-government-funded think tank and kept in touch with academia of both countries; for we believed that being a good neighbor is always an important feature of China’s diplomacy and that things would move in the positive direction.

One can always find clues to the shape of the future. The development of facts has proved our value.

Don’t wait life away. We hope that what we have learned can inspire you and make your new year even more fulfilling.

In 2018, we will draft a new five-year plan, and we wish to benefit from your input.

We stand ready to deliver more tangible results around such topics as regional development, industrial innovation, artificial intelligence, and people-to-people diplomacy.

One can realize his individual value only when his own dreams are combined with the dreams of the time. May every one of us play our part in building the nation in the new era.

This is the Pangoal Institution’s New Year’s message. Again, we extend our sincere appreciation for your company and support along the way.

The Pangoal Institution

At the end of 2017

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