Pangoal's Events in March 2018
Pangoal's Events in March 2018

In early March, several scholars from Pangoal Institution attended the 2018 NPC & CPPCC sessions as representatives and committee members.

On March 5th, Pangoal Institution signed an agreement for economy promotion and cooperation with Shuimogou District Government of Urumqi, based on which an official partnership was formed.

On March 15th, Pangoal Institution held Seminar on the Work of Research Center of Aging Society to discuss about the trend of aging society and the orientation of the research center.

On March 15th, the 6th Global Baku Forum was held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Wang Dong, Secretary General of Academic Committee of Pangoal Institution, attended the forum.

On March 21st, Pankaj Sharma, secretary of Hindi Department of All India Congress Committee, visited Pangoal Institution and communicated with Chinese scholars.

On March 23rd, Pangoal Institution held Youth Seminar on China-US Trade Relations where five American scholars communicated with Chinese scholars.

From March 24th to March 26th, President of Pangoal Institution Yi Peng and experts from the institution attended China Development Forum 2018.

On March 24th, Wang Yue, Deputy Secretary General of Pangoal Institution attended and addressed the Seminar onthe Community of Shared Future for Mankind and Global Governance System Reform, cohosted by International Department of the CPC Central Committee and Guangming Daily.

On March 28th, President Yi Peng met with Li Jianxiong, Executive Vice President of New Hope Group and communicated over the strategies for institutional development.

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