The Pangoal Institution Was Awarded as the Best Think Tank by Sina Financial Headlines
The Pangoal Institution Was Awarded as the Best Think Tank by Sina Financial Headlines

On January 8th, “Panning for Gold– Sina Finance New Media Trends Conference and 2018 Financial Headline Annual Awards Ceremony” was successfully held in Beijing. Hundreds of new financial media and content entrepreneurs came to the conference to discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by the new media realm.  At the same time, twenty one categories of awards were announced, such as “the 2018 Financial Headline TOP List was released on the spot,” “the Best Author of 2018 Financial Headlines” and “the Most Influential New Media of 2018 Financial Headlines” were announced.  The Pangoal Institution was invited to attend this new media event and was awarded the “the Best Think Tank of the Year” in the 2018 financial headlines.

Sina Finance Headline Annual Awards Ceremony has been held for three years.  The theme of this year is “Spanning for Gold.”  This conference brings together the best 100 working in the new media industry in China, including the leaders toiling in the field of paid-knowledge, and cross-disciplinary seniors. Moreover, journalists, sophisticated investors, a large number of media, think tanks and companies participated in the conference and awards ceremony.

The conference set up four rounds of awards, namely the Smart Edge Award, the Value Communication Award, the Vertical Field Award and Characteristic award.  The Pangoal Institution won “the Best Think Tank of the Year” award for its outstanding content and communication ability.

As a representative of the private think tank, the Pangoal Institution focuses on international relations, innovation drive, region and industry, macroeconomics and finance and such other realms.  Since Pangoal’s establishment in 2013, it has not only actively carried out civil diplomacy practice, but also served the national policy and regional industry development. At the same time, it provides local government with investment promotion services, actively introduces excellent enterprises to the localities, serves local economic development and industrial layout in the new era, and seeks new power to promote wisdom and strength for regional devselopment.  Additionally, the Pangoal Institution actively induces professional and high-quality content and dissemination through major media platforms, contributing to the dissemination of valuable ideas and sounds.

Since its establishment five years ago, the Pangoal Institution has become an important representative of private think tanks in China.  Previously, the Pangoal Institution was selected as the “Most Valuable Think Tank Account” by Tencent.  On November 25, 2018, the Pangoal Institution was ranked third in the most influential social think tank list of the China Think Tank Impact Report (2018).  In the “One Belt, One Road” Big Data Report 2018 published by the National Information Center in Tianjin in November 2018, the Pangoal Institution was ranked the second most influential social think tank.  On November 10, 2017, China Social Science Net of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences held the "The Fourth National Humanities and Social Sciences Evaluation Summit Forum" in Beijing, the Pangoal Institution was selected as the 2017 China Core Think Tank in Comprehensive Evaluation AMI Research Report on Chinese Think Tank(2017).  In 2017 China Think Tank Report released by CTTS of Shanghai Academy of Social Science, the Pangoal Institution was selected, for the first time, in the top 40 of the “China Think Tank Comprehensive Influence” and the top 8 “Social (Enterprise) Think Tank System.  In the ranking of the Think Tank Big Data Index (TTBI)(2016) published by the Tsinghua University “Think Big Data Report” research group, the Pangoal Institution was ranked 5th overall and 1st amid the corporate and social think tank groups.  In 2016 and 2017, the Pangoal Institution was listed amongst the best Asian think tanks, ranking the 57th, by the University of Pennsylvania.  At the “2016 China Think Tank Governance Forum” hosted by Nanjing University and Guangming Daily, the two think tank research centers published a list of CTTI source think tanks and the “China Think Tank Development Evaluation Report” based on CTTI source think tank data.  The Pangoal Institution ranked second in the social think tank group.

In the future, the Pangoal Institution will continue to move forward, fostering the dissemination of value and ideas and serving the country's major policies.

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