Mr. Chen Xiaogong serves as Senior Advisor to the Pangoal Institution
Mr. Chen Xiaogong serves as Senior Advisor to the Pangoal Institution

On July the 17th, Mr. Chen Xiaogong, former deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Central Committee and former deputy commander of the Air Force, visited the Pangoal Institution. He had in-depth exchanges with Yi Peng, the president of the Pangoal Institution, on global governance, international relations, regional development status and possible prospects. Mr Chen also became the senior advisor of the Pangoal Institution Advisory Committee.

Mr. Chen Xiaogong has successively served as Chief of Staff, Deputy Director and Director-General of the General Staff and Intelligence Department, United Nations Military Observer at the Iko Border, Military Officer of the Embassy in Egypt, Defense Officer of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, Deputy Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Office, Chief of Section Two of China PLA General Political Department, Assistant to the chief of the general staff, Deputy Commander of the Air Force, etc., with the rank of air marshal. He was also one of the representatives of the Eleventh and Twelfth National Congresses of the CCP and members of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Twelfth NPC. Senior Adviser and the National Institute of Innovation and Development Strategies.

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