Dec 17, 2016
Yu Hongjun: A Hard China to an Unjust U.S.
Yu Hongjun: A Hard China to an Unjust U.S.


 YU Hongjun is a Ex-Vice Director of International Office of CCCPC

Senior Advisor at Pangoal


U.S. is not only challenging China, but also the whole international society, including itself. It is too huge a world where conflicts and opportunities are many. U.S. might be the first one to sink, when the ship conveying Sino-US relation fluctuates.

Recently, Donald Trump, waiting to start his presidency, has ringed Cai Ing-wen, the “Leader of Taiwan”, and it is followed by two twitters that admitted the importance of bilateral relationship between China and U.S. and in the meanwhile condemned China in a fierce manner, scolding China as manipulating exchange rate, expanding militarily in South China Sea and even claiming to raise the tax towards Chinese commodities.

It is a sign that Sino-US relation is going tense before Trump sits into the saddle. In China, there are unstoppable rumours about a going-wrong Sino-US relation. Internationally, some are even talking about the consequences of a war. It seems that the tie between these two countries is to be broken. As a matter of fact, we do not need to panic at the so-called “Trump Revolution” or its outcomes. It is necessary to notice that “Trump Revolution”, “Trump Phenomenon” and “Trump Shock” are the dark side of the current changing power in the world. American extreme conservative powers are attacking the re-shuffling world system and it is also the choice upon the severe sickness of U.S. society.

The whole world has been panic at “Trump Phenomenon” because none could predict what a wild U.S will bring about. Many developed countries, including its allies, have turned their preference rapidly to China, hoping China will play as a stable and steady factor in such a world.

Under such a circumstance, we would be recognized as confident and mature, if we could hold on to the principle of peaceful diplomacy, the principle of win-win cooperation and the principle of enhancing global partner relationships. Our influence, therefore, would be growing rapidly with the one of U.S. decreasing substantially. The U.S. under Trump’s governance is heading nowhere, and China, as the second largest economy in the world, will reasonably play more important and constructive role in the Asia and Pacific area. China, growing peacefully, will therefore play her role to protect world order and leading the new globalization.

Trump is eager to hurt China and challenge the limit of Sino-US relation. On one hand, it shows his immaturity politically and his rudeness diplomatically. On the other hand, it shows how he is worried about the growing China. However, Trump has not been the president of U.S and only remains waiting. Three phases are suggested approaching this master in queue---firstly, it is approached from his saying and doing during the election; secondly, it is approached from his saying and doing while remaining president elect; thirdly and the most importantly, it is to be approached from his saying and doing during his presidency. The negative influence should not be underestimated, but it is to be the phase of observation along with indirect opposition.

Chinese diplomacy is considered universally as the diplomacy of a major power which is mature, elegant and deliberate. First, it should be able to face the challenges brought about by accidents. A dispute over minor issues will collapse the whole plan. It is to demonstrate that treating international issues emotionally might lead to a failure. However, we should be prepared for every possibility and make Trump and his team realize that China means a lot by “being prepared”. “I have my moves while you are talking on the phone.” When China is fully recovered and growing substantially, she will be the successful one.

It is the least predictable and most fierce confront since the Cold War that China and U.S. are being opposite each other at present. It is even a death-or-life time to Sino-US relation or even the whole world. Whether we could be advantageous and keep away from negative consequences depends on how we handle relations between the whole and parts, the long-term and short-term and Sino-US one and Sino-World one.

It is to be noticed that the ongoing confront is not the final one between China and U.S., and it could be considered, from a comprehensive angle, as historic gambling and even a self-challenge of Americans against their country’s international status and its relation with the whole world in the post-WWII-era.

China and U.S. have been through a 40 years to shape their relationship and no challenge can be so sudden that it shocks. Dating back to the time when China and U.S. newly established diplomatic relation, Ronald Reagan, the president who had been an actor, was touching the Chinese limit of Taiwan issue. China insisted in fighting back upon her principle and U.S. had to sign U.S.-PRC Joint Communique on August 17, 1982. In the 80’s of the last century, the development of socialism was blocked when the Soviet Union and East Europe changed overnight, and almost all socialist countries shifted to the Western way. China, at that moment, was faced with a sanction led by U.S. as well as the consequential harsh environment. We faced it calmly, and have paved the way through by planning overall and moving step by step. Around a score of years later, China has become a major participant in economic globalization and leader of the changing world relations.

On the threshold of the new century, U.S. bombed Chinese Embassy to Yugoslavia, and U.S. Air Force caused one Chinese soldier dying out of counter-moves when they were approaching Chinese border. We held on to justice and made U.S. admit its wrongness. Afterwards, during the next decade, China has been growing peacefully into the second largest economy in the world. Therefore, “Trump Phenomenon” took place in U.S. Trump has been scolding China before his presidency, however, being rich of resources, tactics, experience and wisdom, we do not shroud, and moreover, we will counter back.

It is not to underestimate Trump or avoid challenges, but to confront calmly. “Using tactics when and only when it is necessary.” Only if we understand “Trump Phenomenon” well and predict precisely his moves along with their consequential advantages, can we be facing him calmly and take the advantages. It is to be realized that U.S. is not only challenging China, but also the whole international society, including itself. It is too huge a world where conflicts and opportunities are many. U.S. might be the first one to sink, when the ship conveying Sino-US relation fluctuates.

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